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Be More Energy Efficient with the New Kia Hybrid & Plug-In Electric Models at our Waterbury Area Dealership

When you drive a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or electric vehicle you not only help to save the environment, but you can also save yourself quite a bit of money. The electric motor of each kind of hybrid Kia vehicle requires fewer stops at the gas station, if you even have to stop at all, while still providing you with plenty of get-up-and-go power.

Different Kia Models for Different Hybrid/Electric Combinations

Kia has multiple models that are extremely fuel-efficient. These vehicles come in three different categories: hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric.

  • Hybrid

    A hybrid vehicle, like the Kia Niro and Kia Optima Hybrid, mainly runs on its gasoline-powered engine, but an electric motor is attached to provide the engine with more power. This helps you use less gas while you're driving and the electric motor recharges as you drive so you won't ever run out of hybrid power.

    The Kia Niro is a great example of hybrid capabilities. It's in the Guinness World Records for driving from LA to NYC on only 4.1 tanks of gas. That's some hybrid power! Although we don't expect that you'll be keeping track of how exactly many tanks of gas you're using as you're driving around Watertown or Waterbury in your Kia Niro Hybrid, it's still nice to know that you'll be using less gasoline as you go about your day to day travels.

    The Kia Optima Hybrid is also very fuel efficient. It receives an EPA-estimated 39/46 (city/highway) miles-per-gallon rating, but still gets a combined horsepower of 192. It has also been aerodynamically designed to allow for better airflow as you drive.

  • Electric

    Kia currently has one purely electric vehicle, the Kia Soul EV. This EV takes the unique design of the Kia Soul and combines it with a slim lithium-ion polymer battery that provides you with 27-kilowatts of pure electric energy. Battery running low? Plug into a normal 120-volt outlet to charge or use a 240-volt or DC Fast Charge station to acquire a faster charge.

  • Plug-In Hybrid

    Plug-in hybrids combine the best of both worlds, electric and gas, and allow you to choose which one you want to use. For example, the Kia Optima Plug-In lets you pick if you would like to drive in HEV mode, which is mainly powered by the gas engine, but uses electricity like a hybrid, or if you'd rather go purely electric in EV mode. You won't get as much electric battery life with a plug-in as you would in an electric vehicle, but you can drive for up to 29 miles without using a single drop of gas.

Come To Shaker's Kia To Learn More About Our Selection of Kia Hybrid Cars in Watertown, Connecticut

If you are interested in any of our Kia hybrid, electric, or plug-in models, then please, visit our Shaker's Kia dealership, located in Watertown, to take one for a test drive. Feel the difference between the Kia Soul EV and Kia Optima Hybrid as you drive around Bristol or Milford. Test out the gas mileage of each green car as you drive to Naugatuck or Waterbury. Once you're finished, let our associates answer any questions that you may have, and, as always when you visit Shaker's Kia, you can look forward to doing business transparently!